Rosa canina

Rosa (o) canina is a species of rose known for its vicious spines.

Rosa canina - the rose variety for all purposes

At Roelands Nurseries BV you can buy dog rose (Rosa (o) canina) in various lengths. This plant is ideal for planting a small hedge or flowerbed, as it usually doesn't grow taller than 1 metre. When planting, wearing sturdy gloves is recommended, as the dog rose has quite sharp spines that can sting. Although this can be a drawback, the thorns also act as a natural deterrent to unwanted visitors.

However, the dog rose does attract insects and birds with its berries and flowers, which will make your garden vibrant. In short, the Rosa (o) canina adds a lot of diversity of flora and fauna to your garden while providing protection for the roses and your garden.

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