Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens'

Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens' is a privet species that retains part of its leaves in winter, the other part falls off the plant.

Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens' is the privet species that partially retains its leaves in winter.

At Roelands Nurseries BV you can buy Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens' in various lengths. We grow Ligustrum vulgare 'Atrovirens' ourselves from cuttings, both in full soil and in pots. This way we can always check the quality of our products.

Privet Atrovirens is very suitable as a hedge plant and can be pruned to various heights and widths, up to about 2.5 metres.

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