Trainee tree nursery MBO

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Internship fee
No experience required
A good learning place where many internships have been completed
A friendly team of colleagues
Varied days outdoors
Innovative tools reducing physically demanding work

Trainee tree nursery MBO

We like to share our nursery knowledge around the world. So there are several skilled (or as they say, weakly skilled) colleagues who can teach you all kinds of things about the nursery profession.

This way, you will be a lot wiser about the profession after your internship.

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Who are we looking for?

Basically, you do not need any specific skills, as long as you are motivated! Thus, for MBO levels 2, 3 & 4, we have various internships available in BOL or BBL.

Below, though, are some perks that are handy to bring along. It is useful to have a command of Dutch, as all colleagues communicate in this language. If you do not have a command of Dutch, English (or Brabants) will also help a lot ;)

In addition, it is advisable to have the ability to transport yourself to our company on the Goorbaan in Zundert. But should this not be possible: we will hopefully find a solution for that too! In addition, you should not want to have your back broken working.

In fact, we have enough tools for that to relieve you. If you do want to break your back, you can - remove all the machines and it's just like old times (not recommended).

As a final perk, an important one: you have to be able to take bad jokes, otherwise you will get fed up with some colleagues.

What do we offer?

  • A good bunch of colleagues who are up for a laugh
  • Innovative tools so you can work well (& ergologically)
  • Varied working days: no day is the same We can teach you a thing or two!
  • Prospect of a permanent job with us

What does such an internship day look like?

An example of a random Friday (none is the same):

In the morning, we greet each other in the canteen and divide tasks for the day, leaving room for our own interpretation.

We start in the shed by loading up some bare-root plants. A last-minute order from the office half an hour later? Off we go to load all together!

At 10 o'clock we gather in the canteen again for coffee and a treat - surprise, it's someone's birthday again!

Various tasks await outside after this: sowing, digging, planting or maintenance.

Planting today, with music, time flies by. Before we know it, it's lunchtime, sandwiches because it's the first Friday of the month.

Afternoon maintenance is scheduled, this time clearing fields. Colleagues continue potting new potted plants.

Another coffee break at 3 and we end the day in the greenhouse, as it starts to rain.

We end Friday in the canteen with a beer or something else, happy weekend ahead!

About us

49 years (almost 50!) ago, our grandfather planted the first seed for the family business which now has about 30 colleagues. We are a tree nursery specialising in all kinds of plants that you can plant in a hedge or in a forest (forest and hedge planstoen). We grow these to lengths of up to 2 metres, keeping the work 'treatable' at all times. We grow these in full soil and on the potting field, which means we have full control over the process from seed/cuttings to finished product, quality is one of our most important core values. Just as collegiality, informality & innovativeness.



We can tell you more about the nursery over coffee (or something else).

You are always welcome to drop by with no obligation to discuss what is possible.

For that, you can get in touch in many ways:

  • Email to /
  • Send a message / apply via Linkedin
  • Whatsapp / call to 076-5972756
  • Or come once along, there is always someone to show you the nursery

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

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