All-round employee tree nursery

Vacancy for tree nursery assistant at Roelands

CLA Open Crops
No experience required
A good bunch of colleagues
Innovative tools
Varied working days

All-round Assistant Nurseryman

Thanks to crowds, we are looking for new colleagues for the first time ever!

And say honestly - what could be better than the give nature a helping hand By growing more trees? Here's your chance!

Are or do you know someone who enjoys working in nature? Then read on quickly.

Table of contents

What we offer

  • A good bunch of colleagues who are up for a laugh
  • Innovative tools so you can work well (& ergologically)
  • Varied working days no day is the same
  • Salary according to collective labour agreement (for nothing, the sun rises)

& what perks, such as staff day twice a year, company sandwiches every month, ending the week with a drink and much more.

What we ask

Not so much:

  • Affinity with greenery & enthusiasm for working with it
  • Pre: Training for arboriculture but everything can be learned

What does such a day look like?

We will give a Friday as an example, but no day is the same. We start in the morning in the canteen, where we wish each other a good morning. Here we divide the tasks for the day, where there is also room for you to fill them in yourself. Then you go load plants for shipment in the shed (it's so dark these days, so you'd rather go out later). Then someone from the office will give you a last-minute order with it, if you would like to help with those to suits? Sure!

After which, at 10 o'clock, everyone gathered back in the canteen for a cup of coffee with a treat - is it someone's birthday already!

We go outside: sowing, digging up, planting or maintaining plants, what's on the agenda again that day? This time it is planting, the five of us put on some music and plant - time flies: it will soon be noon again, time for sandwiches, it is the first Friday of the month.

In the afternoon, we will maintenance do, this time we will clear fields. Then colleagues can get on with the new load of potted plants they are working on the hoard are. At 3 o'clock some more coffee and we end the day with some work in the greenhouse- it started raining.

We end this Friday in the canteen with a beer, some are listening to bad music again and previewing the weekend. Sounds like a good plan, have a good weekend!

About us

49 years (almost 50!) ago, our grandfather planted the first seed for the family business which now has about 30 colleagues. We are a tree nursery specialising in all kinds of plants that you can plant in a hedge or in a forest (forest and hedge planstoen). We grow these to lengths of up to 2 metres, keeping the work 'treatable' at all times. We grow these in full soil and on the potting field, which means we have full control over the process from seed/cuttings to finished product, quality is one of our most important core values. Just as collegiality, informality & innovativeness.


We can tell you more about the nursery over coffee (or something else).

You are always welcome to drop by with no obligation to discuss what is possible.

For that, you can get in touch in many ways:

  • Email to /
  • Send a message / apply via Linkedin
  • Whatsapp / call to 076-5972756
  • Or come once along, there is always someone to show you the nursery

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

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CLA Open Crops
No experience required
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