Are you still looking for a Ribes alpinum wholesaler for a large delivery? Then contact Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V. directly for the possibilities! For over 25 years, you can come to us for a wide range of plants and trees suitable for forests and hedges. All our plants are grown with love and care in one of our nurseries, so we can always guarantee excellent quality and know exactly what we have for you. Wondering what we can deliver for you? Then feel free to contact us for a personal introduction.

Reliable Ribus alpinum wholesale Roelands

Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V. is the Ribus alpinum wholesaler in Zundert where you can count on constant delivery and high-quality products all year round. The seasonal supply makes us not only a leading supplier in the Netherlands but we also do a lot of business with garden centres, contractors and governments in other European countries. At the moment, Ribus alpinum is available from us in various heights ranging from 40 to 60 cm. Do you have any special requirements? Please let us know!

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Thanks to Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V.'s years of experience and consistent quality, we supply to wholesalers, garden centres, gardeners, nurserymen, project-based contractors and occasionally large private customers. Would you also like to become a customer of Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V., your Ribes alpinum wholesaler? Then please call 0031 765972756 for further information