Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V. is your Quercus robur supplier with year-round delivery! Our innovative and curious nature has made us a leading supplier of home-grown plants in Europe. We are particularly specialised in growing forest and hedging plants for gardens, parks and woods. From our tree nursery in Zundert, we have been supplying excellent quality plants at a fair price for over 25 years, giving us extensive experience and the necessary knowledge!

Quercus robur supplier Roelands

At Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V., you'll find a wide range of forest and hedge plants at a good price-quality ratio. One of the plants in our range is Quercus robur. This gnarled tree has many branches and a broad rounded shape at the top. As a supplier, we often sell Quercus robur from our own nursery to contractors and project developers as a tree for forestry or hedgerows. Would you like to know what else you can do with this tree? Feel free to ask our staff for advice!

Our speciality

At Roelands, all plants, including Quercus robur, are available from our supplier all year round. By growing our plants in pots as well as in the ground, we are able to offer a completely seasonal supply. Of course, as a specialist in forest and hedging plants, you can always count on excellent quality and expert service. Any questions? Then just call us at 0031 765972756.